TorqueSim SR22 Development Update

TorqueSim, a developer who is now working on their rendition of Cirrus SR22 for X-Plane 11 and stays behind BN-2 Islander, has shared one more development update of the SR22 Aircraft.

This development update has been shared via their website and talks about the aerodynamic of the aircraft, and shares the key features of the aerodynamic as well. The developer stated that they are working on this aerodynamics based on all real available documents and resources. The flight dynamics should support the most recent standards. Also, the developer stated this aircraft will be 11.50 ready and the version will be already supported.

Key features of flight dynamics

  • Highly accurate cruise speeds and rates of climb
  • Precise matching of stall speeds and glide ratio
  • Correct take-off and landing distances
  • Spot-on shape of the aircraft body to supply the most accurate input for X-Plane´s flight model effects
  • Accurate control surface areas and deflections for realistic turn rates

You can see more on the TorqueSim website here.

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