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UK2000 Suspends Direct Sales, Staying on simMarket and Marketplace

UK2000 called it a day with direct sales. They explained that only 5% of their income comes from direct sales, and thus, maintaining the systems and support for them is not viable anymore.

By direct sales, UK2000 means selling products through their site. They have been selling products to the community in this way for about 25 years, and as they admit: “things were certainly different back then“. As of February 9th, 2024, all product links on their site redirect users to simMarket.

This follows news from 2022 when UK2000 announced that they will stop hosting sceneries on their website in December 2023. At the time, they also explained that customers will be able to only download their products during the first two weeks since the moment of purchase.

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The good news is that UK2000 will continue to sell their products through simMarket and the MSFS’ in-game marketplace.

The Facebook post further reassures us that current customers will continue to have access to their products through UK2000’s website for many years to come, which goes against the initial announcement from 2022 when they announced that they would no longer host their sceneries starting December 2023. It is obvious the plans have changed during the year.

At the same time, however, UK2000 encourages everyone with products for platforms other than MSFS on the website to download and back them up.

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In the comment section under the post, a community member asked if they are also considering joining Contrail with their products. UK2000 responded that, for now, they only plan to sell through the in-game marketplace and simMarket.

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