UK2000 Temporarily Suspends Development for Prepar3D

Through a post on their Facebook page, UK2000 has addressed the recent lack of new sceneries for the older, yet still regularly used within the community, Prepar3D simulator. The developers have stated that there will be no more products for Prepar3D until a new major update is released.

This announcement follows an announcement from earlier this year when the developers have suspended development for X-Plane 11. Thus, the only remaining platform they will release products for will be Microsoft Flight Simulator.

They have further suggested, that no new products will come unless Lockheed Martin improves their platform, as the rest of the post basically was only the developers shaming Prepar3D as a simulator.

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Going through the post, UK2000 has addressed that their releases for Prepar3D don’t bring enough profit to the company, compared to their other releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Additionally, UK2000 mentioned that they are not happy with the SDK, stability of the platform, and the lack of tools for scenery development.

The developers have also complained that 80% of their support for Prepar3D products is not related to their sceneries, but to either the simulator or other plugins.

In the end, the post was summarized: “Yes P3D development has stopped, BUT we will continue development once LM has released an update to the graphics engine, allowing for scenery development with less bugs and issues.“.

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Additionally admitting: “We know this isn’t the news most people want to hear, but please remember we are a business and we need to put the business needs first.

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