VATSIM Cross the Pound Westbound 2021 Dates Announced

VATSIM has yesterday taken to their Facebook page to proudly announce dates of the highly-anticipated event in the community – Cross the Pond Westbound. Based on the post, this year, the event will happen on Saturday, April 24th, almost two months ahead of today.

As usual, the community will be able to vote for the airports that will be selected to participate in the event. It was not disclosed when can we expect the voting to open.

VATSIM Cross the Pound Westbound 2021 Dates Announced - Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, VATSIM, X-Plane

For those unfamiliar with the event, Cross the Pond is considered as the biggest VATSIM event in the community. “Pond” in the title stands for the Atlantic Ocean. In this case, the pilots will fly most-probably from Europe to North America – westbound.

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