Originally announced almost a year ago, in March 2021, VATSIM has earlier this week, with huge anticipation, released their Velocity update. The update release marks the beginning of a new chapter of VATSIM, the largest online flight simulation network.

Flight simmers are now able to enjoy a much more accurate representation of other aircraft on their flights. This was achieved by highering the frequency of position updates in a set period of time. Initially, VATSIM used to update aircraft position once in five seconds. After the Velocity update, VATSIM updates aircraft positions five times every second.

This is a major update for the platform. Hence, you will have to make sure to update clients you use to connect to VATSIM.

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Previous users of xSquawkbox will have to switch to xPilot as xSquawkbox is no longer supported after the Velocity update. The compatibility of vPilot with the Velocity update remains the same.

The network is free to join by registering an account on their website and following a few simple steps.

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