27.8.2023 – 14:07z

VCities Releases New Improvement Pack For Provo, Utah

VCities, a fairly new add-on developer took to Flightsim.to to release their debut project, an improvement mod for the city of Provo, Utah for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The city is home to Brigham Young University, also featured in this add-on.

About Provo, Utah, And The Add-on

Provo, the fourth largest city in Utah is situated 69 kilometers south of Salt Lake City and boasts a population of over 115k. The city is a focus area for technology development in Utah, with several billion-dollar startups.

This particular add-on is an improvement pack that gives life to the most famous buildings in the city of Provo, Utah in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on brings with it 15+ buildings with little to no effect on your framerate.

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The add-on is going to be a boon to the people who like to fly around the city. They’ll be able to witness all of their favorite structures in the city, from the BYU Alumni Center & BYU Stadium to the Zion Financial Building right in their simulators. You can check out the full list of all the improvements on their addon page.


You can download the addon from the Flightsim.to page and install it inside your community folder. Load a flight around Provo, Utah to notice the improvements in-sim.

The Future

The release of this addon brings an amazing new developer into the community. It also signals a very bright future, where we can now see prominent buildings in our flight path while simulating real-world flights. We can expect minute and unparalleled levels of immersion and realism never seen before in a simulator. Very excited to see this get implemented on a wider scale.

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