Verticalsim About MSFS2020 Development

Verticalsim has taken to their social networks to speak about their plans with the Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was mentioned that Verticalsim is now able to port their older sceneries to Microsoft Flight Simulator as a new Blender (modelling software) plugin has been released as beta.

Development will be a challenging new endeavor, thus; I’ve decided to complete 1-3 GA airports for the time. This is so I can get used to the sim and it’s quirks and dynamics. Then, I’ll switch back to regional and internationals.

Based on the post, the sceneries will be sold on the Verticalsim website and on the Flight Simulator Marketplace. All sceneries from the past will be converted to the new simulator.

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The ground textures will need to completely be redone from scratch, and models will have to edited to meet the new advantages of the new sim. Airport lighting (per airport) needs a complete overhaul to use the new sims HDR lighting.

Pricing details have been shared. Based on those, the sceneries will be divided into three categories. General aviation airports will cost between $6-9, regional airports will cost between $10-40, and international airports will cost between $14-20.

There will be a discount available for current owners of Verticalsim sceneries, but it will be very small as the conversion requires a lot of work. This discount will only be available through the Verticalsim website.

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Verticalsim will continue to support X-Plane 11 sceneries. New products will be based on the community and what their primary simulator will be.

When should we expect Verticalsim sceneries in the new simulator has not been made clear.

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