VerticalSim Announces Omaha Airport for XP11

VerticalSim has recently announced their work on their rendition of Omaha Airport (KOMA) for X-Plane 11. The announcement has been made through their Facebook page. The developer has also shared some early-build screenshots.

Omaha Airport, also known as Eppley Airfield, is an airport located near Omaha, Nebraska. The airport has destinations all across the United States, such as Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta and more. The airport is mainly served by airlines such as Allegiant, Delta, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines or Southwest.

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The previews the developer shared are still in a very early stage of development. The previews are not taken in the flight simulator as of yet, therefore the developer was able only to share previews of some of the buildings.

Despite the less detailed previews of the scenery, the developer shared core features, that will be available with the airport. The developer has made the effort to do the latest airport layout possible, there’s compatibility with SAM jetways, high-resolution imagery, animated ground traffic and much more.

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Core Features

  • 2021 Airport LayoutModels and textures utilizing the new and greatest PBR technologies
  • Some city VFR landmarks
  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with most orthoimagery
  • SAM (Scenery Animation Manager)
  • Animated ground traffic
  • High-res 0.8ft resolution imagery

There’s been no further information about the airport rendition shared. If you are interested in seeing more about the developer’s work, you can see our previous article.

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