24.4.2022 – 21:10z

Verticalsim Is Bringing Tampa International (KTPA) To MSFS

An announcement on Facebook Saturday brought flight simmers news that Verticalsim rendition of Tampa International Airport (KTPA) for MSFS is officially a work in progress. This news proceeds with the recent release of Myrtle Beach (KMYR) for MSFS.

A quote from the Verticalsim’s Facebook page: “As a Tampa native, I’m excited to bring my arguably said “best” work over to this platform.“. It was also then further detailed that the survey work on the airport is currently in progress.

It was furthermore mentioned that Verticalsim will be sharing blog-style updates as the project progresses. Screenshots from the developer’s Facebook page can be seen below.

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Tampa International Airport will feature, the main downtown Tampa buildings, several surrounding landmarks, terminal interiors, all airport buildings modelled, 2022 airport layout, animated monorails, airport mesh featuring the 3 taxiway bridges, HDR Lighting and custom jetways.

At this time there are no screenshots of the airport buildings, but only of the city itself.

Tampa International is located on the Gulf of Mexico and is the 27th busiest airport by passenger volume. In 2021 with over 10 million passengers taking to flight. Tampa is home to four professional sports teams. Tampa is also known for a large Manatee population that swims the many lagoons.

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Verticalsim also reported in the same post that Omaha International will be brought to the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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