Verticalsim Studios Myrtle Beach Airport Announced

Verticalsim Studios, known for their sceneries and VStates for X-Plane 11, today announced via their Facebook page a new scenery coming to X-Plane 11 – Myrtle Beach Airport (KMYR).

Myrtle Beach Airport is an international airport located 6 km (approx. 3,73 miles) southwest of the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States. The airport is currently operating one runway and is mainly used by Spirit Airlines.

The scenery should be released in November 2019, most likely towards the end of the month. The price will be somewhere between $16 and $20.


  • PBR Rain effects
  • Compatibility with VStates SC
  • Autogate, then SAM support later on
  • 4k ortho/aerial imagery from Harris Corp.
  • 3D ramp workers
  • Full WT3/traffic global support
  • Ambient Occlusion + photorealstic texturing
  • PBR on ground textures/buildings

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