Verticalsim Updates Plant City Airport to v1.2 (MSFS)

Verticalsim, a cross-platform scenery developer, has today taken to their social networks such as Discord or Facebook, to announce the release of an update for their Plant City Airport (KPCM) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Based on the posts, version 1.2 of the scenery features improved performance, added proper edge lighting, improved runway slope, added custom taxi signs, and fixed the issue with spawning trees.

The scenery can be purchased through the Verticalsim website for only $5.49. In order to update the scenery, simply redownload the files from the store and replace the old ones.

The airport is located two nautical miles southwest of the business district of Plant City, Florida, USA. It is operated by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, operator of Tampa International Airport (KTPA). It sees mainly general aviation traffic.


  • Fixed spawning trees issue
  • Improved performance
  • Custom taxisigns
  • Added proper edge lighting
  • Flattened out runway a bit more to be more realistic

Author: George

I've been a flight sim enthusiast for some time now, and I've always enjoyed flying to various destinations all over the world, but my favourite airport is by far Corfu. I started this news site in May 2019 and since then my main goal is to keep you informed about the latest stuff happening on the scene.