VerticalSim Updates Tampa to v1.3 for X-Plane 11

VerticalSim has updated their recently released rendition of Tampa international airport (KTPA) for X-Plane 11. This update is mainly focused on fixes, but there are some new additions to the airport as well.

The update was announced through their Facebook page, showing off also one screenshot, which can be seen in the article above. The scenery is mainly fixing some issues with the airport, and its performance was increased, which developer notes that there are around 90 fps, but they didn’t say at which conditions. More fixes were focused on monorial bleeding through Airside E, monorial speeds, fix of the issue with broken concrete near airside F, all static aircraft has been removed, and popping-up taxiway lights should be no more occuring.

The developer also added three new feartures, like PBR concrete texture, more airport vehicles and new 3D grass.

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  • HUGE optimization (around 90 FPS)
  • Fixed monorail bleeding through Airside E
  • Fixed monorail speeds
  • Fixed broken concrete texture near Airside F
  • Removed ALL static aircraft
  • Fixed taxiway lights popping up in taxiways
  • Reoptimized ground traffic
  • Fixed SAM issue with E66/67
  • Fixed issue with seethrough stairs
  • New 3d grass
  • New concrete texture and PBR
  • More airport vehicle ground traffic

The source of this article can be found on VerticalSim Facebook.

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