vFlyteAir isn’t a huge developer, but the job they made on their SR20 is great. At the start of this review, I would like to say thanks to vFlyteAir for giving us their SR20 to do a review.


Interior in this aircraft isn’t 100% accurate to real SR20 interior, but that isn’t a huge problem. I don’t want to describe all the things that are not accurate in the interior, because I don’t think it’s that important. It looks like I’m just blaming the design of the interior, but that’s not true, in fact, the design of the cockpit is actually very well designed. I would like to praise developers for beautifully made reflections in the cockpit (as seen below). Also, the pilot model is appreciated.


There is nothing I could complain about in case of exterior design. I will use same sentence as I’ve used in Mivliz T310R review – Generally, there is nothing I could complain in case of the exterior.


The UI this plane comes with is very good. You can set/remove chocks, hide passengers, edit weight and balance and other things, that aren’t that important. I would especially like to highlight the feature of turning off all systems (cold & dark) with a simple click, ability to open doors and ability to turn off glass objects, which basically removes the glass from the plane.


In conclusion, vFlyteAir did a great job designing this plane. Only thing I would change is the rain effect and the sounds, which are both horrible. Raindrops look nice from outside, but from inside it’s just a static image of raindrops. If I was supposed to rate the aircraft from 0 to 10, I would give it a 9,3. Why did I take away vFlyteAir those 0,7 points? It’s simple! Raindrop effects and horrible sounds. vFlyteAir told us, that we can expect a huge update for this SR20 so I hope they will repair that as soon as possible.

Author: George

I've been a flight sim enthusiast for some time now, and I've always enjoyed flying to various destinations all over the world. My favourite airport is by far Corfu with its scenic and challenging approach. I founded FSNews in May 2019.

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