Viracopos – Campinas International Airport released for Prepar3D v4

Developer Paulo Ricardo has released Viracopos International for Prepar3D V4. The ICAO code of this airport is SBKP. Airport is located in the municipality of Campinas in Sao Paulo. Its cargo terminal has an area of 81000 m2 and respond for about 18% of the total cargo movement in Brazil.

The developer made a very good job. The scenery has many interesting features like PBR texture work, 3D custom buildings with static objects and 3D grass. Nearby buildings are very well modelled but it can cause a little performance impact especially on slower computers.

Feature List

  • Surrounding Scenario detailed with numerous custom buildings  3D terrain including vehicles and static objects
  • Grass volume (3D) custom rain effect
  • Light Effects varied by the airport in PBR
  • Buildings all over town in 3D, with negligible impact on FPS
  • Autogen City  Compatible and merge with Mega São Paulo
  • Mobile, actionable by Jetways default command (Ctrl + J)
  • Compatible with Global openLC FTX

You can purchase the scenery from simMarket.

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