25.2.2022 – 23:01z

Volanta to Offer More ATC Coverage Options

The POSCON team was very unhappy with the fact that the network isn’t integrated into the Volanta app. They released a statement on their discord server saying that Volanta chose not to integrate POSCON into the app. The team has encouraged every member of their community to write to the Volanta team and to request the inclusion of their network in the flight tracker.

One of the Volanta developers has said, in response to a question on their discord regarding the integration of POSCON traffic that the team is working on the addition of the new network to the Volanta radar.

At the moment, the user can choose between seeing traffic from Volanta, VATSIM, IVAO, FSCloud or Pilotedge.

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The only ATC coverage currently available is the one from the VATSIM network.

In the future, the user will be able to see traffic from the POSCON network. The developers will also include ATC coverage for IVAO and other networks. They haven’t disclosed any ETA for those new features saying that the network code is very complex.

The team hasn’t said if they will include the ATC coverage from the Pilotedge and FSCloud networks.

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