16.6.2021 – 21:16z

Volanta Update & Premium Version Announced

Orbx, the team behind Volanta, has taken to their forums to announce an impending update to the popular flight tracking application, as well as introducing a premium version.

Volanta 1.1 will be the first major update since the application was first released. A number of new features or enhancements will be included such as a complete reworking of the 3D flight paths on the map. Also, a rain radar layer has been added to the maps, as well as a weather radar, that allows pilots to find or avoid, adverse weather conditions.

An exciting addition is the ability to take screenshots that will include geotags of the pilots current location. In the standard version this is limited to three per flight as a lower resolution, but the premium version allows unlimited screenshots in glorious 4K. The planning tool has also been enhanced to give a flight briefing.

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The premium version brings in some additional perks, other than the one mentioned earlier. The ability to create flight parties is one such feature. One notable addition helps those who may suffer from CTDs and want to re-join the flight where the crash happened. Volanta’s cloud save and load system, and the autosave feature allows the reload of a flight without manually reloading the sim. In addition to this is the ability to reload a flight where the pilot left off, such as a specific parking gate.

Volanta Update & Premium Version Announced - Microsoft Flight Simulator, Orbx, X-Plane

As yet Volanta 1.1 has not been released, nor has the premium version but the standard core 1.0 is available from this link. The premium version will be at the prices stated in the summary of both core and premium versions below.

(always free)
(US$4.99/month or US$49.90/year)
Flight Planning, Tracking & Logbook UPDATEDYes Yes
Aircraft StatisticsYes Yes
Powerful Map UPDATEDYes Yes
ChallengesYes Yes
FriendsYes Yes
Flight Parties NEW
Collaborative map, easy group flight planning
Can join only
Join & host
Cloud Screenshots NEW3 per flight
Aircraft Persistence NEW  Yes
Cloud Saves + Autosave NEW  Yes
Time Sync NEW  Yes
Remote Control NEW
Pause and unpause
Premium Status in App NEW
Visible on the map and in the friends list
OrbxDirect 25% Discount NEW
Conditions apply, ends 1st Nov 2021
Premium Discord Channel NEW  Yes

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