VSKYLABS released SF-25C v1.5

VSKYLABS, a developer mostly known for their helicopters and small aircraft addons for X-Plane 11, has recently announced a new version, v1.5, of the SF-25C Falke Project. Today, as promised, VSKYLABS released the aircraft update.

For current owners, the update is free and can now be downloaded via the STMA autoupdater. The new version features an additional model (a tailwheel version of Falke). modeling refinements and an updated paint kit.

The tail-wheel Falke is a bit easier to handle than a traditional tail-wheel aircraft, mainly because the Falke is sitting very low and close to the ground, and being built as a glider, with its long tail design, it is demonstrating a stable directional stability characteristics.

The aircraft can be purchased from .org store for $25.00.

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