Wing42 Announces Release Date and Price of Boeing 247 for MSFS

The developers at Wing42 have taken to their website to announce the release date and price for their rendition of the Boeing 247D. The aircraft is set to release on the 2nd of April, the price tag has also been announced it will cost 19.99$.

Wing42’s Otmar has explained that if the addon was to be for Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X, it would very likely sell for around $60. He said that whether you sell 100 units for 10$ or 10 units for 100$ makes little difference.

He wants to sell enough to keep Wing42 growing and reach new users through the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace. This shows how MSFS and its marketplace have changed the view of the users on the market.

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Once released, the aircraft will feature a high fidelity 3D model with 4K textures, a very realistic flight model approved by real-life pilots as well as an integrated clipboard where the user will be able to load the payload and service and start the engines. This addon will also feature a realistic electrical system and a customized sound package.

The Boeing 247 is considered to be the first modern aircraft. It had many new functions for the 30s, such as retractable landing gear and autopilot. Its first flight was completed on the 8th of February 1933.

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