X-Camera Updated to v2.4 (XP11)

X-Camera utility plugin by Stick And Rudder Studios has been recently updated to version 2.4. If you’re not aware of what X-Camera does, it’s an advanced view plugin for X-Plane 11.

 It can be used to create hundreds of unique views for the cockpit, for external aircraft views, and for views at the airport or other world locations.

The update includes new features, fixes, and improvements such as added 50 cameras to category making a total of 150 cameras in a category, added option to disable voice messages, or fixed spelling errors in messages, for example. As usual, the complete changelog can be found below.

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If you want to buy the addon, you can do so via the X-Plane.org Store for $15.


  • Corrected annoying visual glitches that occurred when you switch from an external camera to an internal cameras
  • Added disable wheel zoom for both internal and external cameras
  • Adopted new X-Plane 11.5 TCAS API
  • Registered dynamically created view select commands with the datareftool
  • Added a refresh targets menu item so you can edit the targets.csv file and reload it without having to restart X-Plane
  • Changed the default range from medium to large when creating airport cameras
  • Fixed some spelling errors in messages
  • Fixed a bug where a copied camera set did not persist between plane loads
  • Added an error message when the terrain probe fails while aiming a target
  • Added a mouse look speed factor on the setting dialog.
  • Added the ability to see and remove duplicate view ID assignments in the “Display View ID Assignments” dialog
  • Removed some TrackIR log messages that were not errors and that caused some user confusion
  • Made Retain Mouse Look Position and Temporary Positioning the default options when creating the very first camera
  • Added new datarefs to support the ability for Lua script developers to apply special camera effects as camera offsets that get applied on the camera and any transitions. Also added a ScriptID which is a number > 0 that any script can use to determine if their special effects should be applied to camera(s) assigned to that script id.
  • Added an additional 50 cameras to a category. Now it is 150 per category
  • Added an optional Transition delay
  • Made it possible to have both Camera Axis and View Axis enabled at the same time. View Axis behavior will take precedence for camera pitch and yaw if both are on
  • Added a motion axis dataref along with a sample Lua script that demonstrates how you can change the camera axis assignments for different cameras
  • Added an option when creating airport cameras to disable tracking cameras in stands and runway cameras
  • Enhanced the camera names for airport sign cameras. They now are named in a way that you might have a clue of knowing where they are on the airport.
  • Added a movement smoothing factor. Any value over 2 will invoke camera movement smoothing similar to what you have in the default X-Plane camera system
  • Added a setting to disable voice messages, like “Unable to find View ID”
  • Added code so that smooth and linear transitions from an internal camera will start from the last camera position. This should improve transitions with add-ons like head shake, XPRealistic, etc..
  • Implemented a Circle View Camera
  • Implemented a fixed height AGL Camera
  • Implemented the ability to use the right mouse button to do a mouse look on all three operating system platforms
  • Fixed an old bug that caused X-Plane to default to a forced FOV if you exited X-Plane while on X-Camera was enabled and was on a camera that had the FOV forced to something other than the X-Plane default
  • Converted airport creation to the new framework and enhanced the ability to manage your airport files 
  • You can now create an airport camera file for any airport within 10 NM of your aircraft position. You no longer need to be parked right at the airport to create a file. 
  • You can now open any previously created airport camera file that is within 10 NM of your position
  • Add support to update community files on X-Plane start is a separate thread so that happens automatically with no impact on performance.

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