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X-Codr Announces Airport Enhancement Package

X-Codr recently announced that they are going to work on a new add-on to X-Plane 11 – Airport Enhancement Package, which will replace the majority of default airport assets with higher resolution textures and more detailed models.

The developer also added some screenshots and listed the features for the Airport Enhancement package. The AEP should replace buildings with ultra-detailed models, replaces the facades airport, most of the default sim objects like beacons, taxi signs, etc. The full feature list can be seen below.


  • Most individual airport buildings replaced with new ultra-detailed models
  • Most airport facades replaced with new ultra-detailed models
  • Most building models feature nearly 4 pixel per inch resolution and lite interiors
  • Most “clutter” models replaced with new realistic higher resolution models
  • Most default airport sim objects (beacons, taxi signs, etc) replaced with new higher resolution versions
  • Many ground vehicles replaced with higher resolution variants
  • All tree objects replaced with new realistic high performance 3d trees
  • All default pavement replaced with new realistic 4 pixel per inch resolution pavement
  • All default markings replaced with new UHD markings
  • All ground textures (except the non-polygon ground textures) and buildings feature accurate and realistic PBR Normal maps
  • All ground textures have been specially designed to minimize repetition, including use of large-scale decals and custom mip maps
  • All models feature advanced LOD technology to maximize detail while creating a minimal performance impact
  • Ground textures feature optional weather effects
  • Vegetation features optional seasonal effects
  • All models and textures are made to resemble the default models as closely as possible, so you see exactly what the author intended, except in a higher level of details and resolution.
  • Limited regionalization replaces certain models, textures, and vegetation to give different parts of the world a unique and realistic feel

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