15.7.2022 – 10:01z

X-Codr Previews Denver for XP12

A well-known X-Plane developer X-Codr has previewed their updated version of Denver in X-Plane 12. The developer shared this preview video through their YouTube channel.

In the video, X-Codr previewed details of the exterior and interior of the airport. As you can see, in the development, the team used the full potential of this upcoming simulator. There are certainly high-resolution textures, and wonderful puddle simulation, thanks to the new engine.

Around the apron, we can see various static 3D models, which the developer has done a good job on. The interior modelling is also no exception. It is modelled in extensive detail with restaurants modelled, gates, for example.

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The developer didn’t share much more information about this update yet. However, it is fairly certain that it might come out once X-Plane 12 is released. Which is going to be soon. If you’d like to learn more about X-Codr, read our other article here.

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