Developer X-Crafts has released their Embraer ERJ Family and here is our review of this product. A huge thanks goes to X-Crafts for making this possible.

The ERJ airplanes are one of the most popular regional jets out there. Several airlines throughout the world uses the ERJ Family on their routes. The first flight of this aircraft was on August 11, 1995.


Overall, the X-Crafts ERJ Family looks very good from the inside. X-Crafts team made a very good job with the cockpit layout, buttons and displays. Every button is clickable and all displays and panels are working as they should which is a big plus. The cockpit itself is very near to reality. You can almost tell that you are actually sitting in a real airplane. Customer friendly fuel and passengers menu is included as well. You can notice some very funny easter eggs as well!



If you are looking from the outside you can really tell that the aircrafts are worth the price. X-Crafts did really good job when modelling reflections and shadows. Good job X-Crafts!


I have been testing aircrafts included in ERJ Family for a while now and I have to tell that the physics of this aircraft are not as good as the design. It is definitely an enjoyable plane to fly but in my opinion, X-Crafts should look into it for the next update.


All aircrafts in this package are very enjoyable and will do their job. As said earlier the only minus – physics. There is nothing you have to worry about when talking about the physics of this aircraft maybe it’s just my opinion but for $89,95 it is a great package with aircrafts worth the money.

You can buy the whole Embraer ERJ family for only $89.95.

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