X-Crafts Previews E-Jets Family in X-Plane 11

X-Crafts has recently taken to their website to share a plethora of new screenshots previewing their up-and-coming rendition of the Embraer E-Jets for X-Plane 11. While these renditions are already available on the market from the same developer, X-Crafts is now working on creating an all-new addon using the latest technologies available. If you wish to learn more about the new E-Jets Family, you can read through our previous article on the topic here.

Additionally, Marko from X-Crafts has shared an overview of how he spends time working on the addon. Based on that, it is pretty clear, that the most time he spent was on the cockpit modelling which took over 570 hours itself with an additional 270 hours spent on the instruments and about 1100 hours on other things related to the addon development.

Marko has further mentioned: “I hope that you now have a better idea of the time required to develop these add-ons and that you will keep that in mind when you’ll be purchasing your next airplane.“.

It was explained by Marko, that while seven years ago he had almost no proper reference on the aircraft while working on the current Embraer E-Jets, he now works with a team of real E-Jet pilots, and is able to request specific pictures and measures. This should enhance the experience a flight simmer will get while flying the aircraft.

The release date and pricing model remain unknown, however, Marko hopes to bring the aircraft to X-Plane 11 soon. This was the first set of previews shared from the simulator itself. Prior to this, only previews from the modelling software were shared.

Author: George

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