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X-Crafts Releases a Major Update for the ERJ Family

X-Crafts have recently released a new major update for their ERJ Family product for X-Plane 11. Bringing all aircraft in the package to version 1.4.1, the update brings major improvements to the aircraft flight models for better accuracy, FMS, and textures.

As the changelog is rather extensive, we’ll point out just some important changes here, and put the complete list of changes below in the article.

In addition to the previously mentioned improvements to the aircraft flight model, FMS, and textures, improvements were as well made to the overall user-friendliness of the addon while using virtual reality, animations were improved throughout the addon to better represent the real counterpart, and sounds were improved.

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With the new update, users are able to change texture resolution on the aircraft. This should result in better frame rates if the computer the simulator is running on isn’t very powerful. Furthermore, the developer has proudly stated that with this update, the aircraft start-up sequence is finally realistic.

The new version of the aircraft can be either downloaded through the SkunkCrafts Updater or by redownloading the files from the store. If you want to purchase the addon, you can do so through the X-Plane.org Store for $89.95. The package contains four aircraft – Embraer ERJ 135, 140, 145, and 650 Legacy.

Changelog (v1.4.1)


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  • A big update of the engine performance of all aircraft. The engine performance should now much closely represent the real performance in all stages of the flight.
  • Start-up sequence improved for more accurate representation of the start-up sequence on the real jets.
  • More accurate representation of the EICAS instruments during the start-up sequence
  •  Increased the brightness of the textures to counteract X-Planes very dark rendering of the cockpit. The cockpit is sometimes still very dark and this issue will hopefully be fully fixed when we get the new X-Plane lighting system.
  • Modified pedals animation to be less exaggerated.
  • Added “AUTO” to the pressurization knob to indicate automatic function.
  • Flaps lever has new animation and a more intuitive manipulator. Position 18 is now also enabled.
  • The pop-up 3D FMS now has dynamic lighting as the rest of the cockpit.


  • Made the Initial and Final cruise altitude data entry and update easier and more consistent throughout flight planning
  • Cruise altitudes now automatically update with all flight plan edit modes:  added significant checks for INITIAL and FINAL CRUISE altitudes
  • VPI now dependent upon cruise altitudes in order to provide more stable TOD and VPI results:  cruise altitudes are now required before EXEC is permitted
  • Adjusted CIFP procedures to always provide STAR runway transition waypoints even if an approach has been selected:  previously these waypoints were only provided if an approach transition was not selected
  • Corrected various nuances of CIFP data reading to provide more accurate waypoint data
  • Overhauled the STAR altitude calculator – some constraints were being missed because the  constrained waypoint should have priority.  Also, in some selection cases, the airport waypoint was not being created properly
  • Using INSERT AFTER for new, inserted procedure waypoints will now ignore the constraints of the initially selected waypoint if present and will be treated instead as hard altitude constraints
  • Fixed automatic runway assignment during approach selection that was not working for some approach types
  • Added circling NDB approaches to CIFP extraction code and corrected descriptors for these approaches
  • Fixed VA type waypoints when they are the first waypoint of a SID so that the correct runway heading is used
  •     If the flight plan has not been loaded, resetting cruise altitudes with an implied step climb will automatically adjust all entered ROUTE waypoints to reflect the step at the approximate midpoint of the route
  • All altitude data entry can be done using flight level (FL330) or three digits (330) in addition to the normal 5 digit altitude entry
  • Loading a SimBrief flight plan will now automatically set the departure and arrival airports


  • Parking brakes are now a toggle in the normal 3D as well as the VR cockpit.
  • Updated APU switch to be “OFF” when starting the aircraft with engines running.
  • Revised Mach / KIAS conversion code for more accurate display of overspeed on the PFD.
  • It is no longer possible to start the engines without the ingition knobs engaged.
  • Added requested N1 bug to the N1 indications (EICAS)


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  • Added vertical speed knob to the configuration (thank you Ken Brand).
  • Cleaned up duplicate entries.
  • Changed the Altitude Knob sensitivity for VR.


  • Cockpit and Fuselage textures now allow Resolution change. This will likely increase your framerates a lot if your machine isn’t very powerful and your Texture Quality slider is not on maximum.
  • Added invitation popup for the X-Crafts Not-a-Newsletter.  Appears when the aircraft is loaded for the third time and then never again, even if the aircraft is re-installed.
  • Added “Re-enable” function for Recommended VS to the X-Crafts ERJ plugin menu.
  • Added X-Crafts tech support link to the X-Crafts ERJ plugin menu.
  • Fixed some typos in the FAQ and checklist
  • Changed Aircraft names from EXXX to ERJ XXX


  • Spool down sound is now only triggered below 22% and you should not hear it if the engines are on idle.
  • Adjusted engine sounds to account for lower idle.
  • Removed the three dings warning from the T/O button when all is well – “takeoff okay.”
  • Added “GLIDE SLOPE!” aural warnings.
  • Removed the engine shutdown sounds which could previously be heard when the plane was loaded cold & dark.

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