X-Crafts Shares News About E-Jets in X-Plane 12

The development team of X-Crafts, responsible for the E-Jets and ERJ Family for the Laminar Research’s platform has published some information about their E-Jets in X-Plane 12.

Livery Previews

Firstly, on their Facebook page, the team shared previews of liveries that are going to be available with the full release of E-Jets for X-Plane 12. X-Crafts has teamed up with a number of talented community painters. Please note that from over 20 liveries the painters have created, only some of those are going to be available within the aircraft. If you want to get the rest of them, you have to download them manually from the painters.

A New Development Update

X-Crafts also shared a new development update. In this one, the team pointed out the newly released user manual for every add-on the team has created to this day. This user manual answers all the questions you can think of about the Embraer family. However, this manual doesn’t cover the FMS. The FMS is going to get its own manual later on.

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Update for the E-Jets Family

In the release notes that X-Crafts published through their Google Docs, the development team speaks about various changes in the aircraft systems. X-Crafts focused on the PFD and its various glitches and they made improvements to VNAV as well.

Additionally, X-Crafts improved the exterior models of E170, 190 and 195. This applies to the cargo handle, which’s UVs weren’t aligned. The team also fixed the bug in which the wing registration didn’t move together with the wing.

And lastly, yet most importantly, you can now use X-Crafts E-Jets in X-Plane 12. This is not a full release, only a compatibility update, though.

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Refurbished systems previews

Furthermore, the team shared a short video, showing the flight control test system. In the video, they compared it to the real-world counterpart of this add-on, and as you can see, it seems to be as accurate as possible.

The X-Crafts team is also working on an Authentic representation of the Embraer’s FMS. It is still deeply work in progress. The earlier mentioned manual is, according to the post, already finished. However, it will still take some time to implement the FMS. Lastly, X-Crafts aims to optimize the flight model for X-Plane 12 standards.

If you would like to learn more about X-Crafts and their work, you can read our other article here.

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