2.1.2021 – 07:49z

X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family to V1.3.3 for X-Plane 11

Praised aircraft developer X-Crafts has recently taken to the X-Plane.org Forums to announce that an update has been released for their ERJ family. X-Crafts details that the update includes many many fixes, additions, and improvements.

Amongst the most notable improvements were the addition of PBR to the wings of the aircraft, fixed cockpit texturing issues, as well as various modelling fixes. The modelling improvements are only the tip of the iceberg as the update also comes with many more fixes and improvements in various areas, the full changelog can be read at the end of the article.

The update can be downloaded by existing customers in two ways; either downloading the SkunkCrafts updater, or by re downloading the product from the X-Plane.org Store.

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The ERJ family aircraft can be purchased on the X-Plane.org Store here for approximately €74.12



  • Revised CRS knobs for CA and FO.  CRS knobs were changing both CRS1 or CRS2 based on NAV source selected.  Now CRS1 (Left side) only changes CRS1 and CRS2 only changes CRS2. Added the “push to synch” on center of knobs.
  • Total fuel used will reset if the FMS is cleared using the CLR (twice inside of five seconds).
  • You can now manipulate YAW and ROLL knobs on the back of the pedestal in VR to change yaw and roll trim.
  • Pressurization controller increment changed to 100 instead of 500ft.


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  • Trend vectors added to the PFD for both Speed and altitude. The speed trend vector shows where the speed will be in 10 seconds based on current acceleration. The altitude Trend vector shows what the altitude will be in 6 seconds.  Both reflect the prediction times used in the real aircraft.
  • Airspeed tape becomes live only after 40kts like on the real aircraft
  • Added Horizontal Localizer deviation (dot) scale just underneath the artificial horizon. (Note: If you don’t see it, make sure you have a VOR or ILS with DME tuned in. Some don’t have it)
  • Added a green tape to the pitch trim indicator to match the real EICAS.


  • Yoke visibility command changed.  You can now hide the yokes by clicking on the yokes, as well as using the XP menu Flight > Toggle Yoke Visibility (or by the command assigned on your keyboard).
  • Added the ability to open doors by clicking on them (only works in 3D cockpit view).


  • Wings were not using PBR in the last version. Meaning the materials were not shown properly. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed some texturing issues around the cockpit.
  • Switching to RADIO 2 on the RMU1 showed a texturing glitch. Fixed.
  • Changed lighting of monitor knobs to match the flood light.
  • Fixed Elevator animation.
  • Rudder deflection time now a bit slower.
  • Fixed the cargo bit sticking out of the fuselage on the E140.
  • Fixed APU inlet model.
  • I was not using a golden ticket number 8! I used a different golden ticket twice. This is part of the easter egg hunt. You can now complete the whole secret sentence.


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  • AP pitch up for Overspeed is now active only if the aircraft is in VS mode.  This permits using the maximum airspeed when in autopilot.


  • Cabin sounds will only reset after you actually fly (may still have intermittent bug). 


  • Added custom commands for all doors.
  • Added custom command to reset total fuel used.

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