If you would look earlier this week at the official site of X-Plane, you would likely still see the original price of $59.99. If you take a look today, you will notice a new price. You can now get an official license of X-Plane 11 for only $29.99, and for a simple reason.

As it says on the page, X-Plane 11 price has been cut by 50% to $29.99 because X-Plane 12 will soon be available. The official page stressed that purchasing this copy will not give you access to X-Plane 12.

To quote the page: “X-Plane 12, our new version of X-Plane, is on short final now. We’re cutting the price of X-Plane 11 by 50% to $29.99 – you might not be using this version for quite as long because a new version will soon be available!

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The price has also already changed through other platforms, like Steam. Based on information there, the discount is running until August 19th. This could potentially mean that X-Plane 12 is scheduled to go live on the 19th of August, however, could also be a random date.

If you want to learn more about X-Plane 12, you can read my previous article on the new Citation X trailer that went live just earlier this week.

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