X-Plane 12 Testing To Begin Tomorrow

Whilst initially teasing within various channels that the release of X-Plane 12 is scheduled for August 2022, Laminar Research has today confirmed that they are packing up a build they consider to be a candidate for public early access.

The team further announced that they are likely to start testing the early access candidate version tomorrow. If the build is accepted, X-Plane 12 will become available to everyone as an early access version of the simulator.

The testing itself is likely going to take a few days, hence the previous paragraph does not mean that we can expect the early access version of X-Plane 12 to come out tomorrow. Nonetheless, the team should get a much better idea of the timeline.

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Everyone who purchases X-Plane 12 when it is still in early access will also get access to X-Plane 11. Austin from Laminar Research has previously stated that Microsoft Fight Simulator and X-Plane 12 are very different platforms with different goals – X-Plane 12 is meant to fit for training and professional purposes, featuring realistic flight dynamics many aircraft operators already make use of for their trainings.

To learn more, you can read our other article summarizing an interview with the fantastic team at Laminar Research by clicking here.

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