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X-Rotors Releases AW139 Major Overhaul for X-Plane 12

X-Rotors recently released a major overhaul update for their AW139 helicopter for X-Plane 12 featuring various big changes. This update represents a long-awaited overhaul of the classic helicopter and X-Plane 12 compatibility.

X-Rotors 5.02 Update

The X-Rotors development team has mentioned they utilized a new Blender-based workflow for modelling and animations. In addition, they have introduced an all-new Epic Primus Phase 7, which promises to provide a pleasant and immersive simulation experience. A reworked Epic Primus Phase is very useful because it is the helicopter’s software. Epic Primus is now in its eighth generation in real life and is provided by Honeywell.

The X-Rotors AW139 changelog is extensive, but one of the main features is a new model rebuilt from scratch, representing the most modern version of the helicopter with a long nose and windowed pilot doors. Another significant feature is the new cabin, panels, and landing gear, which were created using only 10% of the models of previous versions. Furthermore, they have included a new main and tail rotor, featuring new frame-rate agnostic animations at low and high speeds. You can find the full changelog at the end of the article.

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Additionally, X-Rotors fixed FMOD sound issues and various system bugs. They also adjusted the weight & balance and the center of gravity and updated the engine model to match the new values simulated in X-Plane 12. Further, they added a joystick sensitivity dataref for AP1/2 instead of deprecaded joystick augment datarefs.

They also included a Photoshop paint kit and a user manual in their existing AW139 installer.

Real Life AW139

The AW139, also known as the AgustaWestland AW139, is a 15-seat medium-sized twin-engine helicopter developed and produced by the Italian manufacturer AgustaWestland, which is now part of Leonardo, and the American company Bell Helicopters. Bell Helicopters withdrew from the project, so the helicopter isn’t named Agusta-Bell AB139.

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Its first flight took place in February 2001; since then, it has been built more than 1100 times. Large helicopter fleets were obtained by operators such as CHC Helicopter, Gulf Helicopters, and Weststar Aviation. Today, the AW139 is mostly used by the military or Coast Guard worldwide.

You can get your copy of the AW139 at the X-Rotors website for 39.99€ including tax. FSNews will keep you updated on further X-Rotors helicopter development.


  • Added X-Plane 12.1 full compatibility, all scripts recompiled to XLua 1.3.0r1 and LuaJIT 2.1 rules
  • Added new internal and external lights, rebuilt in Blender in the new X-Plane 12 format
  • Added new ranges, symbols, text, weather and terrain on MAP mode HSI, now everything is fine
  • Added required payloads on Plane Maker 12, now we have proper stations and refined weights
  • Added joystick sensitivity dataref for AP1/2 instead of deprecated joystick augment datarefs
  • Added new engine model, now matching core parameters to the hair
  • Added new VGP flight director, now capturing and following RWY waypoints (↓) with new datarefs
  • Added new beauty effects on cabin glasses for rain and wipers
  • Added updated Epic Primus™ Phase 7 with MAP, PLAN, SYSTEM modes and sub-menus
  • Fixed oil alert triggers, as they were changed by new engine model X-Plane 12
  • Fixed Power index (PI) indicator not showing TQ as the main limiting factor over NG and ITT
  • Fixed landing gear, weight & balance, CG as they were messed up by X-Plane 12
  • Fixed transponder found in MODE C at startup, now it’s in STBY by default
  • Fixed bus tie always open when starting with engines on
  • Fixed FMOD sounds unmatching the overhauled engine model
  • Fixed low brightness on Forward with HUD view
  • Fixed the right torque arrow invisible with the left engine off
  • Fixed some lights working even with the battery off
  • Fixed 102% switch not working anymore in X-Plane 12
  • Fixed wing-level function of CLTV/YAW to avoid roll trims over 3°
  • Fixed CLTV/YAW trim working on the ground

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