Xometry Keflavik for XP11 Released

Xometry has today released their scenery of Keflavik for X-Plane 11. The developer announced the release through the social media of IniBuilds.

The scenery is now available through the IniBuilds website for approximately €21.49. As the developer said in the announcement post, you can also get a 15 % off the price by entering the “BIKF-Launch” coupon code on the purchase.

The scenery includes many modern features, such as PBR textures on buildings, 4K PBR ground textures, as well as custom SAM jetways. Moreover, there is a 3D interior in the main terminal and the scenery includes an up-to-date 2022 airport layout.

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  • 2022, accurate airport layout
  • High-resolution PBR textures on buildings
  • 4K PBR ground textures ensure realistic asphalt and concrete colors across the airport
  • Custom night lighting
  • High-resolution color corrected ortho imagery
  • Custom SAM Jetways
  • 3D interior in the main terminal
  • Custom PBR ground clutter

Keflavik (BIKF) is the largest international airport in Iceland. It serves as the main hub for Icelandair, Iceland’s largest airline. The airport civilian operation at this airport started in 1987 when the first passenger terminal was built. Initially, the airport only served as a military base.

If you’d like to learn more about the work of Xometry, you can check out our other article here.

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