11.4.2020 – 07:59z

XPRealistic v2 Progress Update (XP11)

RK85097, an XPRealistic Developer, has today started a new topic on the .org forums that is addressing current progress on the XPRealistic V2 update. There are no dates included in the list.

Together with the XPRealstic V2 Progress topic, a wishlist topic has been created to which you can reply to with what you would like to see in the upcoming versions.

XPRealistic Pro V2 Wishlist – link

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XPRealistic Pro V2 Progress – link

If you want to purchase XPRealistic Pro, you can do so via the developer website for $19.99 or via the .org store for the same price.

Current Progress (11.4.)

  • Preparations for standalone plugin
  • Software architecture / design
  • XPR core implementation
  • Aircraft profiles
  • User settings
  • Existing effects adoption << Dev is here
  • Renewed / improved sounds
  • TrackIR compatibility
  • X-Camera compatibility
  • VR Support (currently unavailable)
  • Helicopter initial effects
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Analytics
  • 3rd parties compatibility tests
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release
  • New features (ongoing development)

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