XPRealistic V2 Updated to v2.1.3 (XP11)

XPRealistic V2 has today received a new update featuring bug fixes and some new features. Version 2.1.3 fixes control panel not showing up for some users, sudden vertical camera drop prior to the touchdown, profile cloud not working for certain aircraft, or exceeding G limits during turbulence.

Engine vibration acceleration is now also less violent, head anticipation pitch has been improved, and the CAT effect has been re-written to provide a more realistic feeling, based on the developer’s website.

The updated files can be downloaded through the store you purchased the product from, or directly via the plugin in the simulator. If you want to purchase the addon, you can do so via the X-Plane.org Store for $34.99. There is a 7-day trial available at the XPRealistic V2 website.

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  • CAT effect re-written to provide a more realistic feeling
  • Surface turbulence to not apply sudden turbulence on approaches
  • Head anticipation pitch slider – finally to work properly
  • Head anticipation pitch to follow horizon on nose down
  • G-forces effect acceleration slider split into two, Z and Tilt, for better control
  • Engine vibration acceleration is less violent
  • During turbulence g exceeds aircraft limits causing structural damage
  • Control panel not showing up for some users
  • Sudden vertical camera drop prior to touchdown with X-Camera
  • On sim pause, camera reset itself to center
  • After reset / link profile sound not working
  • When head anticipation delay slider set to zero, wrong anticipation takes place
  • View tilts backward & forward when switching from external to internal view
  • Profile cloud not working for aircraft with white space in aircraft model name

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