Zibo 737-800 updated to v3.38

The ZIBO 737-800X has been updated to version 3.38. The new version features a lot of fixes and many other improvements. Make sure you’re running the latest version of X-Plane 11 since the plane requires at least 11.40 to work properly. We also did an article about the new X-Plane 11 version – available here.

You can download this update via Google drive.

Improvements/Fixes and features:

  • new improved flight model 3.40 by Twkster
  • tuned indicated airspeed corrected VR hotspots and FMOD sound positions
  • corrected AP, AT disconnect (AP, AT stays engaged when stick shaker is activated)
  • corrected ALT ACQ
  • changed code for de-ice “drag”
  • add 2 variants for Chrono
  • add flap 10 bug on PFD
  • add ND drawing code for Fix rings/radials
  • add failures rapid depress, slowly depress, outflow/L pack/R pack/isolation valves, APU/ENG1/ENG2 airbleed valves, primary/alternate pressurisation unit
  • add icon for pressurisation failures (thanks to JBrik)
  • add warning for experimental flight model enabled
  • add Alternate destination and Nearest airports pages to FMC
  • add support for Terrain Radar plugin v1.18 by DrGluck
  • add option Create custom data on EFB
  • improved AP servo code, LOW PRESSURE annunciates for fuel pumps, improved LVL CHG / VNAV SPD code
  • rewrited code for read airport data (Delete files B738X_apt.dat, B738X_rnw.dat and B738X_gate.dat for rebuild database)
  • fixed add STAR/APP during fly arrival/approach
  • fixed entry cruise altitude
  • fixed low level AP pitch mode (LVL CHG -> V/S,…)
  • fixed graphics bugs (BARO/RADIO minimum on PFD, EICAS…)
  • fixed oxygen masks (captain/first officier) for higher altitude
  • fixed bugs (T/D missing, TCAS – show correct distance for planes in CTR mode, DME only navaid, center fuel pumps, draw route on ND, sound for some light switches, FMC, typo…)

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