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Aerosoft Antarctica Vol.2 – Australian Casey and Skiways Released for MSFS

Through their forum page, Aerosoft has announced the release of the second volume of their exclusive Antarctica series for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

What does this Aerosoft Add-On offer?

Through this scenery add-on, Aerosoft aims to recreate in detail the remote Australian Casey region of Antarctica. Two aerodromes serving the Casey region (the Wilkins Aerodrome and the Casey Skiway) are modelled to a great degree of accuracy. This includes ground-breaking detailed ice textures, recrafted landscapes and real aerial imagery.

Additionally, this scenery features a plethora of animations with custom sounds. This includes animated animals (such as penguin colonies placed at real-world locations), icebergs, vehicles (such as moving boats) and people (such as researchers).

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Add-on Availability and Pricing Information

This second volume of Aerosoft Antarctica is available for purchase at the Aerosoft store for €15.08 (including 20% tax).

About Australian Casey

Casey Station (also known as Casey) is a permanent research outpost in Antarctica managed by the Australian Antarctic Division. The station is a major transport hub for the Australian Antarctic program and is connected by two airstrips, the Casey Station Skiway and the Wilkins Aerodrome. The former is frequented by light aircraft (such as DC-3s) while the latter features a 3,200m ice runway, allowing it to accommodate airliners (such as A319LRs) and military transport aircraft (such as C-17s). Flights from Wilkins Runway link Casey to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, an island state south of mainland Australia.

Feature List

  • Detailed Casey Station with all buildings, a lot of clutter and extremely detailed terrain
  • Wilkins Aerodrome Skiway 70 km south of the base (intercontinental and continental operations)
  • Casey Skiway (continental operations)
  • Lots of animations including animals, vehicles, boats and people, including probably the first animated penguins and chain vehicles in MSFS
  • Plenty of custom-created sounds of animals and vehicles
  • Coverage beyond the base with aerial imagery at various resolutions along the coast
  • Hundreds of thousands of animated icebergs in a larger area around the base
  • Adelie penguin colonies with thousands and thousands of animals at their real-world locations (performance optimized through instancing)
  • An impressive custom fleet of typical animated and static vehicles and clutter
  • Carefully crafted landscape to merge with the surrounding terrain
  • Including updated waterbodies
  • A special technique is used to bypass ground resolution limitation imposed by MSFS, giving the skiway ground textures a much more detailed layout than most airport add-ons
  • Special technique used to add wind shear details to the vast white lands on the glacier
  • Extensive manual with detailed information on flying in Antarctica

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