Aerosoft Further Previews CRJ for MSFS

Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok has in the past two days taken twice to the Aerosoft forums to share previews of the forthcoming CRJ 550/700 showcasing the aircraft exterior and interior as well as the EFB that will be featured in the cockpit.

First, a total of six screenshots were shared from the simulator showcasing the cockpit and the exterior model of the aircraft parked at the Cologne/Bonn Airport (EDDK) in the Microsoft Flight Simulator. All six previews can be seen below.

The second set of previews contains eight screenshots from the simulator showcasing the EFB and what it will be able to do.

This includes performance settings, ground utilities including aircraft states, maintenance page, and options page that should enable the user to change numerous settings such as the units, display rendering, flight director mode, or IRS align time, for example.

The release was recently delayed to Q1 2021 which means that the aircraft is currently scheduled to be released somewhere in January, February, or March this year.

The price has been known from the past as well. The base package featuring the CRJ550/700 will cost €42 with VAT excluded while the expansion featuring the CRJ900/1000 will cost €16.75 with VAT excluded. The CRJ900/1000 expansion will require the base package to be installed on the system. The product will be released at the same time on the Aerosoft website as well as in the in-game Marketplace.

Aerosoft has yesterday as well confirmed, and officially announced, the development of their Airbus aircraft range for the new simulator about which you can read more in our article.

Author: George

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