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Aerosoft Further Showcases A330 for MSFS

Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok has once again surprised the community with a new set of exciting screenshots from Microsoft Flight Simulator showcasing their first long-haul aircraft to come to the new platform, the Airbus A330 for MSFS.

Last time, we got a glimpse over the wing models in the modelling software and confirmation that the team is considering working on an A350 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, however, this time the story is a lot different.

The team has evidently made decent progress. Mathijs Kok stated, with a bit of spirit: “Anne, who is involved with the external model, just send these images.  At 21:30 so I told her to get a life. Now I need to get a life myself.“.

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All new previews of the exterior model can be seen below. They are all focused on showcasing the wings, engines and gear area during various stages of flight. Unfortunately, we did not get any comments on whether this is the final look, however, the screenshots look very promising.

In very late hours yesterday, Mathijs Kok has also shared a set of previews showcasing the virtual cockpit of A330 for MSFS. He commented, that the 3D modelling is done. The base textures are also completed, however, the developers want to add decals and weathering. This way the cockpit does not seem like it was just delivered from Toulouse – unnaturally clean.

The pricing is yet to be disclosed. Mathijs has previously however confirmed flight simmers will be able to fly the addon later this year.

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