Aerosoft Previews EFB for A330

Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok has taken to his Youtube channel to preview the electronic flight bag for Aerosoft’s rendition of the Airbus A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The tablet will feature several functionalities.

In the settings tab, the user will be able to change the tablet’s wallpaper and add their simbrief ID. Furthermore, the user will be able to change several settings directly related to the aircraft. Those include altimeter synchronization, IRS alignment time or custom throttle calibration.

In the “Flight Info” tab the user will be able to fetch a simbrief flight plan to get all the necessary information including weather briefing and OFP. When the time will come for boarding, the user will be able to fetch weight and balance values from the simbrief briefing.

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Besides all of that, the user will be able to check the charts on a dedicated app through the EFB. Navigraph and Aerosofts charts are both already supported. The last feature presented in the video was the ground handling menu from which the user will be able to control all of the movements around the aircraft.

The release date and price are still unknown. To learn more about Aerosoft’s A330 for MSFS, I suggest you have a look at George’s article here.

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