Aerosoft Receives €460 000 By German Government to Develop Planes for MSFS

Today, via the website of the German Ministry of Finance and Climate Protection (BMWK) it has been confirmed that the German add-on developer Aerosoft received €460 000 to develop new aeroplane types for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Furthermore, a smaller developer update was also shared via the Aerosoft A330 website, speaking about addressed bugs and more.

Subsidies for Aerosoft

Whilst this news was made public on the first of March this year, the flight simulation community received this information just now.

In total, Aerosoft is going to receive €459 000 over the time period between the first of March 2023 and the last of February 2025.

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The government wants Aerosoft to spend this money on developing two new aircraft, the Airbus A321 NEO and A330 NEO for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As it is written on the German Ministry website, they expect them to make a detailed 3D interior and exterior model with detailed cockpits and realistic functionalities.

Progression of A330 Development

On the 10th of August 2023, the development team shared some more, yet smaller information on their upcoming Airbus A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

According to the post, the A330 is currently undergoing internal testing, and around 20 testers found 285 reported bugs, of which 30 are low priority, an additional 90 were fully evaluated and assigned to be resolved, and 29 others have been resolved already by the team.

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There was also a graph shared, which shows the percentage of the bugs. Most of which are bugs with system visualization, system logic and animation. The rest are 3D, which consists only of a total of 5% and the other 12% are not revealed to the public.

If you would like to learn more about the Aerosoft A330, you can read about recently shared previews here.

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