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Aerosoft Shares New A330 Preview Screenshots for MSFS

Mathijs Kok took to the Aerosoft forums to share new screenshots further showcasing their upcoming Airbus A330 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

EFB Preview

Mathijs began by sharing five new screenshots portraying the latest developments on the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) platform of the upcoming A330.

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The first three screenshots give us a glimpse of the OFP (operational flight plan) page, the performance calculator and the load sections. These pages will become especially handy during the cockpit preparation stages of flights as any essential flight data can be easily accessed in the cockpit.

The last two screenshots portray the navigational features included in the EFB. On one of the screenshots, we can see that Aerosoft LIDO charts can be integrated into the EFB. Likewise, paid users of the Navigraph Ultimate subscription can access their charts without leaving the flight deck.

Additionally, the EFB includes a ‘moving-map’ function, a feature that will allow pilots to see taxiways relative to their aircraft’s position. This will facilitate the taxi process, especially on airports with complicated taxi routings.

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Watch the video below to see the moving map feature of the EFB in action!

ECAM Preview

The next few screenshots briefly showcase three pages out the fourteen available on the ECAM displays (Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor). In this case, we can see the distinctive EPR gauges of the Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines on the upper ECAM.

The lower ECAM showcases the ‘Air Conditioning’ page as well as the ‘Bleed’ page. These displays are crucial and allow pilots to monitor different aircraft systems. We can also see the MCDU computer on the ‘Fuel Prediction’ page on the bottom right section of the screenshots.

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Overhead and FCU Preview

The next two screnshots preview the A330’s overhead panel and the FCU (Flight Control Unit). As you can see, the FCU used on the A330 is identical to the one used on the A320 family. However, the A330’s overhead panel is noticeably different to the one used on A320 family aircraft, reflecting the differences in aircraft systems. The sun visors can be deployed and adjusted to your preferred position.

Background Information on the Airbus A330

The Airbus A330 is a two-engined widebody jet. Derived from the design of the older A300, the A330 made its maiden flight on November 2nd 1992. The variant modelled by Aerosoft, the A330-300, can carry up to 300 passengers and fly over a range of 11,750km. Notable operators include Cathay Pacific, Saudia and Turkish Airlines.

Unfortunately, Aerosoft did not provide any release date or pricing information. To learn about Aerosoft next project, read Noah’s article on the A330 Neo.

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