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Aerosoft Releases A330 Paintkit for MSFS

Aerosoft have released the paintkit for their rendition of the Airbus A330-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator earlier this month.

Aerosoft’s project manager, Mathijs Kok, on queries regarding liveries included and whether there will be livery packages available on the in-game Marketplace for Xbox users, revealed the exciting piece of information on Aerosoft’s forums. In response to the latter, he states that releasing livery packages to the Marketplace would be permitted as long as it is free, since Aerosoft does not allow the use of the paint kit for commercial purposes.

The paintkit, shared by Mathijs, in the form of an Aerosoft forum topic features the paintkit files itself in .zip file format, an instruction manual in the form of a PDF, and a forum post to help with user-related queries, issues, and/or questions regarding paintkit usage.

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Furthermore, Mathijs Kok, in response to a request by another user, shared more detailed WIP pictures of the beautiful rendition. The pictures depict the aircraft with all its cargo and passenger doors opened, and the attention to detail on all fronts is immaculate.

The release of the paintkit and more detailed, feature-rich, work-in-progress pictures shared by Mr Kok would indicate the aircraft rendition is closer than ever as elation among simmers grows higher. However, no information or indication of a definite release date was disclosed and as of now is still unknown.

Do read our previous coverage of the aircraft’s features and tidbits and a more recent yet exciting post about a pricing indication of the rendition.

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The paintkit for the Aerosoft A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator can be found here, on the Aerosoft forums.

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