Aerosoft Reveals Exciting A330 for MSFS Pricing Information

Aerosoft on their forums have disclosed exciting new pricing information about their upcoming rendition of the Airbus A330-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Aerosoft’s project manager, Mathijs Kok, stated in an insightful discussion on the Aerosoft forums that, while no price has been set for the product, it will not be €60. Responding to a question pertaining to this information posted, Mr Kok further stated that the pricing will be less than €‎60.

He also further commented on how it is “difficult” to set a definite price on these add-ons as the current demographic compared to previous times is very distinct. He states that according to their research, PC simmers are more likely to spend on expensive add-ons than simmers on Cloud/Xbox. Since this is seen as one whole market, offering the same quality product on all platforms is quite problematic.

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Information about their A330 rendition, although abundant regarding systems, textures, and model development, very little about the pricing had been revealed. The latest bit of information puts a lot of speculation regarding pricing to rest. With what we’ve seen from the team over at Aerosoft in the form of main images, the rendition promises to be of great quality and exudes excitement for simmers who have been patiently waiting for a long-hauler for MSFS, myself included.

Despite this delightful piece of information, there was no further comment on a potential release date. Although the project was slated for a late 2022 release, developmental hurdles have continued to push the project further backward. Mr Kok in a development update revealed that the project stands at around 90% completion, so a 2023 release is on the table and something to be quite optimistic about.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, do check out the bunch of previews released by Aerosoft in recent weeks and months regarding the A330’s development and other tidbits on this exciting rendition of the popular wide-body aircraft.

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