Aerosoft Releases Vitoria Airport, Augsburg Airport, and Previews Bonaire Airport (MSFS)

Aerosoft, a well-known simulation developer and publisher, has taken more than once, in the past few days, to their social network profiles and forums to address the development of sceneries for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In this article, we’ll summarize the release of Vitoria Airport (LEVT), the release of Augsburg Airport (EDMA), and new previews of Bonaire Airport (TNCB), in all cases, for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Vitoria Airport (LEVT)

First of all, the recently announced rendition of Vitoria Airport (LEVT) was released. The scenery was developed by Stairport Sceneries and was published by Aerosoft. It offers color corrected ortho imagery for the airprot, custom PBR ground materials, accurate night lighting, static aircraft matching the real traffic, or accurate taxiway and runway layout, for example.

The complete feature list can be found below and the scenery can be purchased through the Aerosoft website for approximately €15 with VAT excluded.

Vitoria Airport (LEVT) is a Spanish airport managed by Aena that was opened in 1980. It is located 8 km from the old town of Foronda, because of this, is why it is also known as Foronda Airport. During the construction and for security reasons, the town of Otaza had to be demolished, because it was at the end of the runway and very close to the airport.

Augsburg Airport (EDMA)

As mentioned in the introduction, a rendition of Augsburg Airport (EDMA) was released by Aeorosoft as well. It was developed by Lukas Vezyroglou and features detailed representation of the airport, dynamic lighting, PBR textures, and photorealistic aerial imagery.

The scenery can be purchased through the Aerosoft website for approximately €12.60 with VAT excluded.

Augsburg Airport (EDMA) is a rather small regional airport located just a few miles out of the city of Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany. Although it sees mainly general aviation traffic, there is a very little passenger airline traffic present at the airport as well.

Bonaire airport (TNCB)

Jo Erlend Sund, a developer behind Cologne/Bonn Airport, Bergen Airport, Alta Airport, and many more sceneries for both X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D, is currently working on his rendition of Bonaire Airport (TNCB).

Two gifs and a video were included in the forum post addressing the scenery development. All three can be seen below. They all showcase the animated environment that will be present in the scenery.

Bonaire Airport (TNCB) is an international airport on a rather small island of Bonaire in the Caribbean Netherlands. It serves as a hub for Divi Divi Air and EZAir but sees traffic from KLM, Delta, American Airlines, WestJet, or United Airlines, for example, as well. It annually sees almost 500 thousand passengers.


Vitoria Airport

  • Color corrected HD ortho imagery for the airport
  • Realistic replication of Vitoria-Foronda airport
  • High-resolution buildings and clutter objects
  • Custom PBR ground materials
  • Custom randomized static aircrafts matching the real traffic
  • Manually adapted mesh to match the real height differences
  • Correct night lighting on buildings, runway and taxiways

Augsburg Airport

  • Detailed representation of Augsburg Airport
  • PBR textures for all objects and for the ground poly
  • Photorealistic ground using high-resolution aerial imagery (20cm/px)
  • Dynamic lighting for the whole airport
  • Manual included

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