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Aerosoft Shares First Preview of A330 in MSFS

Aerosoft’s A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most-anticipated projects from the company. Promising to be the first payware long-haul airliner for the platform, Aerosoft has previously also confirmed it will also be the first addon from their Airbus aircraft range.

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In a forum thread dedicated to the Airbus range from Aerosoft, Mathijs Kok from the company has further previewed the Airbus A330 rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator and in the modelling software.

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We got a very good idea of the wings and the cargo compartments. It is obvious the developers are aiming to bring a high level of detail throughout the model. Naturally, while maintaining reasonable performance.

EFB preview

The EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) interface has also been previewed by Mathijs. Currently, only the payload and main page are available in the tablet.

On the payload page, you will select the number of passengers in various classes and total cargo in different compartments. There is also an option to select the total fuel. The developers have also included an option that will allow the user to select how fast do they want to load the payload.

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Mathijs Kok did not share any further details about the expected release date or pricing model. It was, however, back in December 2021 mentioned that the beta is still a few solid months away.

A330 lined up in msfs

We put the most-anticipated preview from the set below. It is, obviously, the first preview showcasing the beauty in the simulator. The preview showcases the aircraft in the new Lufthansa livery lined up on the runway, ready for departure.

As mentioned earlier, the release date and pricing remains unknown. By default, the A330 will come with the Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines. They can also be seen in the preview above. Of course, all previews in today’s post are not showcasing the final product.

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After the A330 is released, the company is planning to work on the rest of the Airbus range.

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