23.6.2023 – 22:05z

Airbus A300-600 Announced in Development by iniBuilds for MSFS

iniBuilds made the surprise announcement of the Airbus A300-600 for MSFS just now at the Flight Sim Expo!

Snuck between the Navigraph and Honeycomb presentation was a sneak peek video officially announcing the development of the classic airliner for MSFS. iniBuilds showcased the freighter version of the A300-600 currently in service with many air-freight airlines. Fear not: the passenger A300-600 will be released shortly after the release of the freighter, with a fully modeled cabin! This airliner is extremely exciting for those of us (not so) patiently waiting for heavy aircraft in MSFS.

The video didn’t give us much information, as it was purely intended to announce the upcoming product. However, iniBuilds took to their forums to give us some more context. The post goes into detail on exterior modeling, showcasing some truly impressive 3D modeling. I have to say that those engines look absolutely stunning. They also showcased the landing gear and signage posted around the aircraft, which is fully legible even down to the fine print.

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It doesn’t stop there! iniBuilds also showcased a detailed cargo-ops system to coincide with the freighter release. The iniManager promises to take our cargo adventures to the next level. We can expect more information on this later. Unfortunately, we have no details yet on what this system will provide us. However, the developers seem keen on stoking some community hype.

There’s more! The showcase video and the announcement post show off some impressive cargo options. Ranging from Formula One cars to Horses! This is shaping up to be the most detailed and comprehensive cargo-ops airliner for MSFS to date.

A300-600 Key Features:

  • Comprehensive systems simulation: an authentic flight model developed to closely model the aircraft’s handling, performance, and behavior.
  • Full ACARS/CPDLC simulation: Expect full SimBrief integration within the iniBuilds custom EFB and VATSIM compatibility.
  • Custom WWise sound set: Authentic sound recordings from the real aircraft fully adapted to a 3D environment.

We don’t have any information on release dates or pricing yet. The A300-600 freighter will release before the passenger version; however, there is no indication of how soon this may be. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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