29.12.2020 – 20:39z

Airline2Sim Releases A320 Cadet Training Program

Well known for their multiple Q400, their 777 as well as airports Training Programs, Airline2Sim just released their latest paid training programs.

First, while the training program has been recorded on Prepar3D and the FSLabs A320, the information given are applicable to other simulators, like the ToLiss and FlightFactor A320 family modules. As a side note, their website has been fully updated, and you will need to create a new account using your existing email adress, more information here.

The long awaiting A320 Cadet Training program is the biggest project by Airline2Sim yet, consists in 6 modules and 27 episodes. The modules will be released weekly, the first one released a few hours ago was 6 episodes and around 7 hours long and covered the basics, from meeting the Instructor, James, to Touch And Go, or Base training.

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The program is such that you will learn more and more demanding operations and learn to face more and more complex situations as you will progress through the modules, just like a newly trained airline pilot would get from the type rating, to base training, to line training.

According to their website we can expect the last module to be released on February 1st, this gives early adopters a week to work out each modules and be familiar with them before jumping on the next one.

You can purchase the training program at the Airline2Sim website for around 45€, and get 5£, around 5.5€ off, during the first week using the code FACEBOOK5.

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Airline2Sim Releases A320 Cadet Training Program - Airline2Sim, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, X-Plane

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