ToLiss Updates A321 to V1.2.1 (XP11) Thumbnail

ToLiss Updates A321 to V1.2.1 (XP11)

ToLiss just rolled out an update to their A321, it consists of a few new features and numerous bug fixes.

Airfoillabs  New Year Wishes And Teasing Thumbnail

Airfoillabs New Year Wishes And Teasing

Airfoillabs shared with us their New Year wishes, and along the way they teased us a bit on what's coming from them.

Airline2Sim Releases A320 Cadet Training Program

Well known for their multiple Q400, their 777 as well as airports Training Programs, Airline2Sim just released their latest paid training programs.

Orbx Announces TrueEarth Canary Islands for XP11

Orbx, the well-established scenery developer and publisher, took to their forum recently to announce and preview their next TrueEarth product for X-Plane 11.

iniBuilds Releases A300 v1.10 Update (XP11)

Just yesterday we reported that iniBuilds published the changelog of v1.

iniBuilds Published The v1.10 Changelog For XP11

Just a few months after the release of their A300, iniBuilds is about to roll out the largest update to date, v1.10.

ToLiss Details The Upcoming A321 NEO for XP11

A few hours ago, ToLiss took to the forums to give us details about both the upcoming A321 1.2 update and A321NEO addon.

Nimbus Simulations Previews Huey Update (XP11)

Nimbus Simulations took to Facebook a few days ago to show us what they have been up to on the Bell UH-1 Huey for X-Plane[..]

A310 News And Update For XP11

A310 lovers will be pleased, in the past few days, two events happened. Cremonasoft updated their A310 to 1.6.