4.12.2020 – 18:29z

A310 News And Update For XP11

A310 lovers will be pleased, in the past few days, two events happened. Cremonasoft updated their A310 to 1.6.2, followed by Inibuilds who announced their secret project, the A310-300.

Inibuilds, now well known for their A300-600(R), just teased us this morning with an in-sim screenshot of an A310-300 wingtip fence (featured image up top). While they haven’t announced the feature list nor timeframe yet, we can expect a release relatively soon.
We do know there will be a substantial discount for A300 owners, as well as a roadmap, feature list and pictures to come next week.

Cremonasoft meanwhile rolled out one of their largest update for their A310. v1.6.2 saw the introduction of the freighter variant of the 310, for the time being it is only an external model addition, a cargo cabin is to come. Both the internal and external 3D models have been refined and the external 3D lightning improved. A new paint kit as well as new liveries are also part of the update. Finally, a fix to the Xchecklist file definition was also introduced.

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You can purchase the Cremonasoft A310 on the X-Plane.org store for 49.95$.

  • Refined 3D model dimensions of aircraft cockpit and nose section (internal + external)
  • Fixed Xchecklist definition file errors
  • Enhanced external 3D lighting (strobes/nav/beacon)
  • Added A310 freighter variant (external model only- no cabin model yet)
  • Added new liveries
  • Added paint kit

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