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ToLiss Details The Upcoming A321 NEO for XP11

A few hours ago, ToLiss took to the forums to give us details about both the upcoming A321 1.2 update and A321NEO addon.

The A321 is set to receive update v1.2 on December 13th, this update is already in beta stage and will be mandatory for the A321NEO addon.

A lot of convenience has been brought with this update, especially when it comes to livery making. The liveries will now be able to use a config file that will set more parameters, namely units used, number of ACTs, etc… We can now select the imperial units from the ISCS AC config tab.

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The engine failure handling has been completely reworked, meaning your One Engine Inoperative operations will be much more realistic. The FMGS has been reworked to enable the RNAV 08 at Innsbruck.

Door pairs 2+3 can now open and the 3D model has seen improvements.

ToLiss Details The Upcoming A321 NEO for XP11 - ToLiss, X-Plane

Key Features:

  • Imperial units can now be selected via ISCS AC config tab
  • Addon liveries can now use a livery config file which allow to configure additional items such as number of ACTs, use of imperial units, etc.
  • Complete rework of engine failure handling, making OEI operations much closer to reality
  • Vertical FMGS rework to enable LOWI RNAV RWY 08 approaches
  • Door pairs 2 + 3 can now open
  • Bug fixes and 3d model improvements based on user feedback

You can purchase the A321 from the X-Plane.org store for 79.00USD.

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ToLiss Details The Upcoming A321 NEO for XP11 - ToLiss, X-Plane

The A321NEO will come on December 15th, and will be priced at 29.95USD.

We now know the A321NEO will come as part of the A321, meaning you will chose the engine option and neo variant via the ISCS (and not via the XP11 menu). We will also see all three variants of the NEO, the standard, LR and XLR, with all the fuel tank configurations. We will also see the integration of the flex cabin with all the doors configurations that Airbus offers.

The addon will reflect all the quirks of each variants and engine options, for example the 2mins startup cooling of the PWG engine, flap/slats change with the XLR.

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Lastly, one very interesting thing expressed by ToLiss is the following: “Naturally, as more information about the LR and XLR come to light, we will adapt the model as part of our continuous development”. What this means is that we can expect our XP11 A321NEO to follow the same improvements and developments the real counterpart will see along its life.

Key Features:

  • Choice of PW1130G and LEAP1A33 engines, including engine specific TSS sounds, accurate thrust values and realistic fuel burn. Together with the CFM and IAE engines shipping with the base package, the user will have 4 different engines to choose from
  • Choice of A321 NEO, A321 LR, and A321 XLR, each with the specific fuel system configuration and weight envelopes
  • 4 different exit configurations for the fuselage to reflect Airbus’ cabin flex concept. Each fuselage configuration can either be chosen via the ISCS or driven automatically by the livery configuration control file
  • Systems are adapted to the respective configurations: When selecting the PWG engine, the mandatory 2min cooling during startup is implemented together with the option to cool both engines simultaneously (DUAL COOLING function)
  • Other new system features include the BLEED configuration on the E/WD when flying with one of the NEO engines or the flap/slat configuration changes when selecting the XLR

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