4.1.2021 – 13:41z

Airfoillabs New Year Wishes And Teasing

Airfoillabs shared with us their New Year wishes, and along the way they teased us a bit on what’s coming from them.

There’s two major things being shown here, first is the upcoming C-47 they announced a while ago, and then there’s the upcoming 172 update, which we guess is V2 as well as the EVO G1000, which is their upcoming Cessna 172 product.

Airfoillabs New Year Wishes And Teasing - AirFoilLabs, X-Plane

When it comes to the C-47, we are being shown screenshots of the exterior, navigator and radio stations, cockpit and finally cabin. Still no dates were announced.

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The 172 update is shown to include Vortex generators, more functionalities on the left taskbar, improved engine model and textures, engine warmer covers and blower. This tells us winter operations the aircraft will be even more interesting and complete, an maybe a short field kit.

Finally we’re seeing more of the C172 EVO G1000 currently in development. It will include the later version of the G1000, with integrated auto pilot instead of a separate KAP140.

We can expect more news about each projects relatively soon according to Airfoillabs.

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