Airloillabs Announces Bristell B23 for X-Plane

Airfoillabs is primarily known for their Cessna 172 and King Air 350 study-level renditions for X-Plane 11. They have recently published a page on their website dedicated to Bristell B23 ultra-light aircraft. Bristell B23 is the team’s first ultra-light aircraft in development.

It is clear, that the team is now working on bringing that to X-Plane, most likely to X-Plane 12 since the team already has access to its current version.

As of right now, there is very little we know about the addon. The page is more dedicated to describing the real aircraft rather than the addon itself. Nonetheless, it contains a set of previews from Blender, the modelling software utilised to develop the B23 for X-Plane.

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The previews are showcasing both the Bristell B23’s cockpit and exterior model. It is apparent the developers did not yet get to a stage where would they work on implementing the systems to the aircraft.

We can well see high-resolution textures in the previews that make use of PBR technology. The aircraft holds OK-QAR24 registration, which is owned by a local flight school in Kroměříž, Czechia. It is not yet painted from the outside.

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Both Airfoillabs and Bristell are Czech-based companies, hence it is likely they have access to the aircraft and necessary documentation so that they can bring another proper study-level rendition to X-Plane.

Both the release date and pricing remain to be unannounced. It is, regardless, clear that the development is in the very early stages of development, hence the addon is not likely coming anytime soon.

Bristell B23 is a recently introduced ultra-light aircraft with a capacity of up to two people and a range of up to 600 nautical miles. The aircraft is equipped with an autopilot system and Garmin GNX 375 navigation system. The manufacturer further points out a steerable nosewheel and the most spacious cockpit in its category.

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